Feb 23 2014 0

The children’s bedroom is a location that does not exist in the book – the only visual indication that the children are in their bedroom is one of them peering out the window at the beginning of the book. We decided to add the bedroom scene in as a means to introduce the children, andtheir fear, plus to contrast their warm, safe bed with the cold, danger outside.

Initial children's bedroom layout

Initial children’s bedroom layout

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Feb 16 2014 0

You may have seen some of Beastie’s concept art in an earlier post – the following image shows some of our early character concepts and puts the Beastie in some new key poses. Although we had some wonderful key poses to draw from in the book illustrations, we needed to add to this and create some additional ones from different angles.

Katie's first Beastie concept designs

Katie’s first Beastie concept designs

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Feb 09 2014 0

This post is a collection of various sketches, concept designs and 3D mock-ups, taken at different times during the pre-production process. The reason is that the layout of the village has changed many times – sometimes for aesthetic reasons, and more recently for plot and story reasons. The concept below was one of our first sketches, taken from an early storyboard – the houses are laid out higgledy-piggledy to give the shot (and the village) a tight, cosy feeling. This was influenced heavily by the village in the book, but we soon realised it wouldn’t work the same in a 3D world.

Working out village layout - an early storyboard frame

Working out village layout – an early storyboard frame

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Feb 02 2014 0

There are 4 children characters in the book version, with a couple of them more central to the story. Without ruining the plot, we wanted to share with you the character model sheets for Clyde and Pete. At this stage we were just looking to lift these 2 characters out of the 2D book and show them in three-dimension, complete with some key facial poses.

Clyde model sheet

Clyde model sheet

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