Jan 25 2015 0

It has been a while since we were at the sketching stage, but now that the assets and environments from the first half of the film are well under way, we decided to revisit the locations not seen until the end of the film – Granny’s kitchen and the outside of her house.

03. Gran kitchen concept (3)

Katie trying to give Gran’s kitchen that old rustic look, and with enough room for the 4 children and Granny to gather in the end scene

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Jan 11 2015 0

There were not a lot of images from this post that would have made sense as a main image without a little explanation – so we chose the one that most resembled a face! Once we had built the children’s faces in 3D we unwrapped the meshes and were left with the net you can see below (minus the colour/texture). We then took this into Photoshop and painted the texture and facial details such as freckles.

06. Pete's face texture with stamp

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Jan 04 2015 0

We put this shot at the top as we knew it would catch the eye – and it is one of our most atmospheric shots in the film. Traditionally in stories, the crossing of water is symbolic – of entering a new world – in this case, the Beastie crossing from the ‘dead’, baron land around his cave into the safe, warm land of the village. Although this shot is still not final, you can see the considerations taken when compositing it below…

06. Log crossing CG correction pass

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