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Alison Steadman Records Her Parts For The Fearsome Beastie: Photos

By Giles Paley-Phillips

Yesterday saw Alison Steadman come to the recording studios in Farnham to record the narrator for the Fearsome Beastie. Alison was so amazing, we even cast her as the Grandmother character, on the spot!

Alison with the production team

From left to right: Joe Sudlow (sound designer), Alison Steadman, Giles Paley-Phillips (author) and Jon Hunt (co-director). Bottom left to right: Aaron Wood (producer) and Katie Steed (co-director)

Alison reading through the script

Alison reading through the script

Alsion Steadman Photos

Slurpy Studios’ Katie Steed (left) and Aaron Wood (right) with Alsion Steadman (centre)

Alison Steadman recording narrator voice

Co-directors Jon Hunt and Katie Steed hard at work with sound designer Joe Sudlow

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