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Building The Rest Of The Village: More 3D Models & Houses

By Aaron Wood

The process of building the village, piece by piece, is a time consuming one. After Katie has designed each item (from houses and streets to lamp posts and benches), Jon then builds a 3D model in Autodesk Softimage, as you can see below. However, there is quite a lot of ‘back and forth’ between Katie and Jon as assets are refined and re-modeled, as you can see from one of Katie’s notes about the street below.

03. Village houses - chimney variations 3D model

Since we built the master house (the children’s house) we are able to take parts of it and fit it together with other parts to create a whole street of different looking houses. There are then a few extra assets we can ‘plug in’ to make the house look even more distinct such as windows, porches, hanging baskets, etc.

03. Village houses 3D models (2)

03. Village houses 3D models (3)

Testing a street layout with our 3D models

Testing a street layout with our 3D models

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