Jul 17 2013 0

The 14th July saw Brian Blessed record his lines for the Beastie character – here are a few photos from a memorable day!

The entire team

The Production Team, from left top: Joe Sudlow (sound designer), Giles Paley-Phillips (Fearsome Beastie author), Steve & Brian Blessed, Jon Hunt (director) and Steve Bicknell (Maverick Publishing). Left bottom: Katie Steed (director) and Aaron Wood (producer)

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Jul 11 2013 0

Verbal Vigilante, AKA composers Jode Steele & David Wainwright, write music for film, TV, games & motion picture advertising. There work includes music & sound-design for the trailer campaigns of “Oblivion”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “The Lone Ranger”, “After Earth”, “Trance” & “Thor: The Dark World”.

Verbal Vigilante Music

Jode Steele (left) & David Wainwright (right) of Verbal Vigilante will be scoring The Fearsome Beastie

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Jul 05 2013 0

Picking a voice for an animated film is a hugely important part of the process, and one that can make or break a film. Get the right voice, that the animated character comes to life; a living, breathing creature with believable thoughts and feelings. Get it wrong, and the character is disjointed, the voice and the actions never quite gelling and the illusion failing to convince.

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed confirmed as the voice of The Fearsome Beastie

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May 16 2013 0

The Fearsome Beastie has won the 2013 Heart of Hawick Children’s Book Award! This prestigious award is now in it’s 8th year and Some 600 pupils at ten schools in and around Hawick take part in a season of reading, reviewing, author visits and workshops, building to a glittering award ceremony in the Heart of Hawick arts hub, when they get to decide their favourite book of the year.

Giles Paley-Phillips picking up his award

Giles Paley-Phillips picking up his award

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