Nov 30 2014 1

Over a year after we had Brian Blessed and Alison Steadman into the recording studio, it was time to dust off the microphone and record the voices for the children. Up until now we had been using scratch tracks – a rough track as a placeholder until we were ready. We had been looking for the right voice for some time – someone who could perform all the children’s voices – and were extremely happy when we discovered Lizzie Waterworth’s audition tape.

Recording Lizzie Waterworth (14)

From left to right: Aaron Wood (producer), Katie Steed (co-director), Lizzie Waterworth, Jon Hunt (co-director)

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Aug 01 2013 0

Yesterday saw Alison Steadman come to the recording studios in Farnham to record the narrator for the Fearsome Beastie. Alison was so amazing, we even cast her as the Grandmother character, on the spot!

Alison with the production team

From left to right: Joe Sudlow (sound designer), Alison Steadman, Giles Paley-Phillips (author) and Jon Hunt (co-director). Bottom left to right: Aaron Wood (producer) and Katie Steed (co-director)

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Jul 17 2013 0

Recording Brian Blessed as the Fearsome Beastie was an experience that I’m going to remember for a very long time. Not only was Brian incredibly professional and a hugely talented actor, he was also charming, generous with his time and a whole lot of fun. The recording session lasted about 45 minutes, but he was with us for about 4 hours, regaling us with stories of his many adventures up Everest and around the world, and his hopes of making a documentary about the Redgrave Theatre in Farnham (where the recording took place).

Katie Steed, Brian Blessed, Aaron Wood, Jon Hunt

Co-directors Katie Steed (far left) and and Jon Hunt (far right) with producer Aaron Wood (and Brian Blessed, of course)

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Jul 17 2013 0

The 14th July saw Brian Blessed record his lines for the Beastie character – here are a few photos from a memorable day!

The entire team

The Production Team, from left top: Joe Sudlow (sound designer), Giles Paley-Phillips (Fearsome Beastie author), Steve & Brian Blessed, Jon Hunt (director) and Steve Bicknell (Maverick Publishing). Left bottom: Katie Steed (director) and Aaron Wood (producer)

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Jul 05 2013 0

Picking a voice for an animated film is a hugely important part of the process, and one that can make or break a film. Get the right voice, that the animated character comes to life; a living, breathing creature with believable thoughts and feelings. Get it wrong, and the character is disjointed, the voice and the actions never quite gelling and the illusion failing to convince.

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed confirmed as the voice of The Fearsome Beastie

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