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Character Design Sheets For Clyde & Pete (and Character Line Ups)

By Aaron Wood

There are 4 children characters in the book version, with a couple of them more central to the story. Without ruining the plot, we wanted to share with you the character model sheets for Clyde and Pete. At this stage we were just looking to lift these 2 characters out of the 2D book and show them in three-dimension, complete with some key facial poses.

Clyde model sheet

Clyde model sheet

Pete model sheet

Pete model sheet

It became clear early on that the children would require much more detail in their faces and bodies compared to their book versions, as there is a lot more performance required of them. As they do not speak much, parts of the story will rely on their body language and facial expressions (which you can see above.)

The below images give an idea of the scale of the characters in relation to each other (and an early peak at one of the Gran designs!)

02. Children designs in colour (1)

Children designs in colour

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