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Choosing The Right Voice Artist For An Animated Project

By Katie Steed

Picking a voice for an animated film is a hugely important part of the process, and one that can make or break a film. Get the right voice, that the animated character comes to life; a living, breathing creature with believable thoughts and feelings. Get it wrong, and the character is disjointed, the voice and the actions never quite gelling and the illusion failing to convince.

Brian Blessed

Brian Blessed confirmed as the voice of The Fearsome Beastie

So, despite the fact that he only really has one line, we spent a very long time deliberating about which actor to cast as the Beastie. Then we went back to the very first name we’d thought of and realised that quite frankly no-one else would do.

We are delighted to be able to announce that Brian Blessed will be the voice of the Fearsome Beastie.

Brian Blessed is a hugely talented actor, with a body of work that encompasses Shakespeare, Disney and some of the biggest blockbusters ever produced (including Star Wars: Episode 1).

He’s climbed Everest 3 times, is a trained Cosmonaut, and has a beard you could hide a badger in. He is, in short, a bit of a legend.

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