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Creating A Dark, Scary Forest With Dead Trees

By Aaron Wood

The Fearsome Beastie’s cave is one of striking images from the book, and a scene that we were relishing getting stuck into in the film! But it wasn’t only the cave that excited us – the trees, woods and screnery that surround the cave (and that Beastie would have to traverse to reach the town) were environments we could really be creative with. These 2 images are concept designs of the trees and atmosphere, very much when we were still seeing things in 2D:

02. Tree concept design (1)

02. Tree concept design (2)As the project developed more into 3D we began to see the trees are more gnarly and twisted – we wanted to create a scary, less comforting world than the village. We began researching photos and illustrations of forests that had the feel we were looking for.

Katie then set about designing the kind of trees that we wanted to populate these lands.

03. Beastie tree sketches (1)

There were 3 types of trees that we decided we needed. Very twisted and gnarly trees for the foreground, less twisted ones for the midle ground, and almost straight ones for the distant trees. This rule also applies for the journey from cave to village – the closer to the village you get (and closer to safety) the less twisted the trees become.

03. Beastie tree sketches (2)This 3D model tree is exactly what we are going for – although we intend to twist it more in places. Can you spot where we have twisted it up?

04. Beastie tree 3D model refined

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