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Crossing The Water: A Key Shot & Atmosphere

By Aaron Wood

We put this shot at the top as we knew it would catch the eye – and it is one of our most atmospheric shots in the film. Traditionally in stories, the crossing of water is symbolic – of entering a new world – in this case, the Beastie crossing from the ‘dead’, baron land around his cave into the safe, warm land of the village. Although this shot is still not final, you can see the considerations taken when compositing it below…

06. Log crossing CG correction pass

Jon first rendered a basic 3D shot with snow, log, a few trees and Beastie. There was a water reflection effect added, although we weren’t sure this was how we wanted it to look. It was then up to Katie to take this shot into Photoshop to paint the sky, water and other effects to see how we wanted the shot textured and lit.

04. Log crossing CG render

As with all texturing, we tried a few variations of ice – finally settling for the darker blue (number 4 below). The flat texture can be seen below with a few added sparkles and specks.

03. Ice texturing (6)

Katie’s final paint over shows the sky, icy river and snow with that added wintery feel and atmosphere, and again below, the 3D render with these elements textured and lit.

05. Log crossing CG paintover

06. Log crossing CG correction pass

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