Jun 15 2014 0

Deleted Sequence: Snowball Opening Scene

By Aaron Wood

In this post we want to show you how not every idea that is pitched at the storyboard stage makes it into the final film – in this case it is the deleted snowball fight opening shot. Below are some shots and thumbnail sketches from this sequence:

The idea was to have a long sequence where we would introduce the children and show them having fun, before they got scared. Apart from the introductory nature, we also wanted to emphsise the big brother/young brother relationship between Clyde and Pete. By showing Clyde as the stronger, older brother, when Pete saves the day later on it would re-inforce the ‘young-brother-comes-good’ moment.

As we progressed through the animatic, however, the scene was removed mainly due to time – this establishing scene felt too long and made the audience wait for the narration to start – so much so that when it did, it felt unnatural. But you can view the deleted clip below!

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