Jan 27 2014 0

Laying Out The Downstairs Of The Children’s House (and Props)

By Aaron Wood

One of the key scenes in the book takes place downstairs, where the children attempt to hide from the Beastie. As this room is one of the main locations in the film as well, it was one of the first that we began laying out sketching.

01. Kid's house - downstairs layout (1)

Here you can see the progression of this room. As well as wanting to create a homely feel, the staging of this room and the furniture props will be very important for how we tell the story..

01. Kid's house - downstairs layout (2)01. Kid's house - downstairs layout (3)

After the initial layout of the room, each item of furniture in the room has to be designed (and drawn) at different angles. These are later passed onto the CG model team who will build the items in 3D.

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