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Locking Down The Animatic: Take 1

By Aaron Wood

While all the amazing work of building the 3D world goes on, it’s easy to get swept away in the craft of this work and forget that there are still many of facets of the film that need work – none as important as the story itself. Although we have been constantly working on the storyboard (revising it, adding new sections, removing sections), there has to come a time when you have to decide and lock the animatic. Co-directors Jon & Katie, myself and our editor Simon recently met for an intense day of locking as much of the animatic as we could…


We rather optimistically thought we could lock most of the picture on this day, but in reality we did not manage more than 25% of the film! We were still using a lot of Katie’s 2D boards, but we also started to add in 3D scenes with 2D drawings on top, which really helped us improve the staging of the shots.

The day was spent trying new ideas, with Katie feverishly drawing a new frame as Simon tried to edit it together just as quickly!


Gone to lunch…

…and pushing on to the rest of the afternoon

Simon and Katie at work on the animatic (below):

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