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Modelling The Children’s Bedroom in 3D (Softimage)

By Aaron Wood

A few weeks ago we showed you the concept designs for the children’s bedroom – lots of moving furniture around and deciding where best to place beds and windows for the best shots. Well, with all of that signed off we were ready to go into building mode. Using Autodesk Softimage Jon began building the room, beds and toys.

Kid's house - bedroom 3D model props - floor

Some modeled toys and props next to Clyde and Pete’s bunkbed

As you can see, the initial bedroom model below is slightly different. Although we had pretty much decided how the bedroom would be laid out in 2D, we thought it wouldn’t hurt to take another look now we had some 3D models to move around.

An early 3D layout of the bedroom to try other options

An early 3D layout of the bedroom to try other options

And finally, we can present to you the finished 3D model of the bedroom! (The only exception is the detail/grooves on the train track)

Finished modeled bedroom

Finished modeled bedroom

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