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Old v New Storyboards – Part 1: Can’t Sleep

By Aaron Wood

The storyboard and animatic stages of pre-production are when the story is really decided on – the shots, the camera angles, how to tell the story visually… But it isn’t just the story that is locked at this stage – it is also very important in animation to know what each shot requires in terms of 3D models. There is no point in building, texturing and lighting an entire room if we only use one corner of it. We wanted to show how a storyboard can change – below you will see our very first ideas for laying out the scene, followed by our most recent (and locked) storyboard.

Storyboard - Can't Sleep - Old 1

Storyboard - Can't Sleep - Old 2

Storyboard - Can't Sleep - Old 3

In the above storyboards you can see how rough and ‘exploratory’ the sketches are – this was literally our first translation of the book – you may even see some similarities in how the book illustrations are laid out.

Below you can see how the shots are framed much more intimately – close ups on the children’s reactions. The below frames are a result of us all sitting down together (Katie, Jon and Simon) and trying different things in the editing timeline – so the shots below are extremely faithful to the final shots (we hope!)

Storyboard - Can't Sleep - New 1

Storyboard - Can't Sleep - New 2

One major difference to the old and new storyboards is the cave shot. This is a placeholder for a much longer scene (but we didn’t want to give too much away!)

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