Dec 18 2015 0

Project Update: DECEMBER 2015 – and a Merry Christmas!

By Aaron Wood

The months have flown by since our last update in May! Since then we have been spending a lot longer than expected porting all of our assets over from Softimage to Maya, plus our team has been re-training in Maya. This has all gone very well, if not a little painstaking!

We are also currently modelling and texturing the last environment, granny’s kitchen, and will have some progress updates and visuals in the new year.

One of the last pieces of work that we need to finish before we can commence animating is the character rigging – which is basically adding a skeleton to the children, granny and Beastie so that we can move them and animate them. This will take place at the start of 2016 and then we look forward to sharing a few animation tests and more ‘moving’ behind-the-scenes footage.

Again, our apologies for the lack of updates this latter half of the year, but we are excited and looking forward to bringing the Fearsome Beastie to you in 2016! Have a very happy Christmas and New Year!

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