Jun 03 2013 0

Research, Moodboards & Colours For The Fearsome Beastie

By Katie Steed

Before we get started on creating our own artwork for The Fearsome Beastie, we are spending a lot of time researching and experimenting with different visual styles. The wonderful illustrator Gabriele Antonini has given us a base to work from, and we’re keen that the film is visually linked to the book, especially regarding the eponymous Beastie, but making a film in 3D means a different set of requirements, limitations and challenges that have to be met in a creative and imaginative way.

Moodboard for Fearsome Beastie

With that in mind, we’ve created several moodboards that document our original thoughts about the world and characters.

There are a whole host of technical challenges that we’re facing; snow, fur and cloth simulation, before we even get to the point of designing characters and animating. The next few weeks will be spent designing the look and feel of the film, researching how we will achieve the right results while overcoming the technical challenges.

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