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Rigging Characters: Body & Facial Rigs – Putting Bones In The Children!

By Aaron Wood

Things are moving fast now – we have almost finished modeling the children – both their bodies and faces. There are still plenty of tweaks and improvements to make, as you will see below with the comments (and problems)  from these photos. However, it is not just about making things smooth and slick – it is also about making the shapes and models work well when we come to the rigging.

04. Tweaking the children for the rig (3)

04. Tweaking the children for the rig (4)

On one side there was Katie, asking for things to be more like the concept art, and on the other side was Jon, knowing that there had to be some compromise in bringing these characters to life in 3D!

And at times, it just gets boring looking at all the characters as grey scale models – which is why from time to time we add simple colours to see what they are looking like…

04. Tweaking the children for the rig (12)And just to share with you something a little less static, the following video shows Jon and Katie discussing Clyde’s character design in 3D…


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