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Sketching The Layout For The Children’s Bedroom (and Props)

By Aaron Wood

The children’s bedroom is a location that does not exist in the book – the only visual indication that the children are in their bedroom is one of them peering out the window at the beginning of the book. We decided to add the bedroom scene in as a means to introduce the children, andtheir fear, plus to contrast their warm, safe bed with the cold, danger outside.

Initial children's bedroom layout

Initial children’s bedroom layout

We tried many different layouts for the room, taking into consideration things such as how the children will interact with each other, who will be looking out the window, and how will we stage it. We decided in the end that the bunk-beds should be parallel on opposite sides of the room – even if it did result in more animation!

Final children's bed room layout - bunk-beds next to each other

Final children’s bed room layout – bunk-beds next to each other

Once we had the layout of the room decided, we proceeded to design the individual items that make up the room – the bed, toys, windows, etc. Here is a glimpse at the bed in relation to Pete!

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