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Texturing Pete (& The Child) Faces

By Aaron Wood

There were not a lot of images from this post that would have made sense as a main image without a little explanation – so we chose the one that most resembled a face! Once we had built the children’s faces in 3D we unwrapped the meshes and were left with the net you can see below (minus the colour/texture). We then took this into Photoshop and painted the texture and facial details such as freckles.

06. Pete's face texture with stamp

Minus the net, you are left with just the texture, which is then wrapped back around the 3D model.

06. Pete's face texture

Below is one of the children’s eye balls – yes we could have cropped this image – but we wanted to show the whole texture map as it would be before being wrapped around the eye.

06. Pete's eye texture

The same process was then applied to the hands and feet…

06. Pete's hand texture with stamp

06. Pete's hand texture

And finally to the pajamas for each of the four children. You could compare it to a tailor cutting out fabric to make clothes. The ones below belong to Pete!

06. Pete's pajama bottoms texture with stamp

06. Pete's pajama top texture with stamp

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