Oct 05 2014 0

Texturing the Downstairs Room – Nearly There!

By Aaron Wood

The downstairs room is ALMOST complete! We have built all of the 3D assets, we have decided on the colours and textures – the final piece of the jigsaw is texturing them. Our fantastic texture artists Boyan and Ilektra have been working overtime to get each object unwrapped, textured and wrapped up again, ready for Jon to position them in the frame for lighting tests.

Texturing the Downstairs 5

This collection of frames show a variety of the downstairs room once the texturing had been done

All the small details matter just as much…

As the texturing nears completion we can start to see the room with it’s objects in. However, the textures and colours are still subject to change when we start to frame the shots and light them.

Texturing the Downstairs 4

Texturing the Downstairs 6

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