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The Fearsome Beastie Production Team (So Far!)

By Aaron Wood

After the winter break, the Fearsome Beastie production team are looking forward to 2014 and all the exciting developments that are to follow. What better way than to introduce you to our production team (sorry it has taken so long!) and the various roles they all fill…

Production team members (as of Jan 2014)

Production team members (as of Jan 2014)

As pre-production work began in the summer of 2013, we began to form the basis of our production team, illustrated above, and who comprised of:

  • Jon Hunt – Co-director and Lead CG Artist
  • Katie Steed – Co-director and Art Director
  • Aaron Wood – Producer
  • Giles Paley-Phillips – Author & PR
  • Simon Allmark – Editor & Compositor
  • Joe Sudlow – Sound Designer
  • James Hobart – CG Animator
  • Rhys Davis – CG Generalist

Since then, our team has grown a little and we’re pleased to announce the following additions to our team!

We have a lot of pre-production work that we are looking forward to showing you in the coming weeks, so watch this space!


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