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The Props That Make Up The Village

By Aaron Wood

If you’ve been enjoying seeing the characters and environment come together, then this post may not be the most exciting of them all! As important as the large environments are, such as the houses, cave and interior sets, every small detail and prop must be designed, thought out and fit in with the world. Below are a selection of smaller, background props that make up the village scene.

Village well

Village well

We have also been sketching the main focal point of the village – the bell tower. Initially, we considered using the tolling bells to mark ‘bed time’ – when the Beastie danger began, but this has become less a plot point than a background idea at the moment.

Another seemly small, but rather important, detail was the bin. Wanting to keep up the ‘wooden’ organic world that the story takes place in (no plastics, little metal) our initial thoughts were to use wooden bins, like those found in parks. However, as the bin is to be knocked over by one of the smaller children, we realised there was no way this was realistically possible. A more lightweight, tin option is what we are now exploring. We did warn you that this wasn’t going to be the most riveting post!

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