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Trees, Trees & More Trees! Making The Forest & Its Various Trees

By Aaron Wood

We gave you a little update on the Beastie’s cave scene a few weeks ago but one of the huge tasks that we faced was building the forest that stretched from beyond the cave. You will have noticed in our last post about the cave that it features a tree – this is our master tree – the one that all other trees are based on.

05. 3D model of tree (1)

The image below is only a Photoshop mock up using the Liquify tool to push and pull branches around. However, the principle was the same in 3D…

We took the master tree and added a simple rig so that we could move the branches and even twist the stump around. Some of the trees had branches added, and some removed. This method enabled us to produce many trees in a very efficient way.

05. 3D model of tree (2)

The trees then went through the same texturing process that all the 3D items go through…

07. Texturing the trees (3)

07. Texturing the trees (4)

07. Unique trees (1)

A couple of trees are needed in close ups for the Beastie’s journey from his cave to the village – the below 2 images show variations of the scratch mark that we makes on the tree as he walks past.

07. Unique trees (2)

07. Unique trees (3)

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