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What’s Cooking: First Concepts For Gran’s Kitchen

By Aaron Wood

It has been a while since we were at the sketching stage, but now that the assets and environments from the first half of the film are well under way, we decided to revisit the locations not seen until the end of the film – Granny’s kitchen and the outside of her house.

03. Gran kitchen concept (3)

Katie trying to give Gran’s kitchen that old rustic look, and with enough room for the 4 children and Granny to gather in the end scene

02. Gran kitchen research

Some of the inspiration artwork collected to give us ideas about what to include in the kitchen

03. Gran kitchen concept (1)

The last scene involves the children and granny around a table (we won’t spoil the ending if you haven’t read the book!), so we had to think about how we wanted to frame those shots and the room itself – the above and below images look at a square table option and where each character would be seated.

03. Gran kitchen concept (5)

03. Gran kitchen concept (2)

A round table option was deemed best, and you can see the camera placements we will need above. None of this is final at this stage, though!

03. Gran kitchen concept (4)

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