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Why We Keep Changing The Village Sign

By Aaron Wood

The village sign is a prop that we had been debating for some time… did we really need it? As the Beastie makes the journey from his cave to the village we needed to show a point at which he had reached the edge of the village, to show that danger to the children was imminent. Plus, as we still were not showing the Beastie’s body at this stage, we wanted to use his shadow to engulf the sign as he approached.

07. Village Sign (5)In the end, we decided that we wanted to keep this element, and the sign carried on going through some changes. We used the village name ‘Tuffles’ as a placeholder in the beginning, but we all hated it by this point, and decided that the village doesn’t need a name, so decided to drop it for the simple ‘Welcome’ message.

07. Village Sign (1)

07. Village Sign (2)

07. Village Sign (3)

07. Village Sign (4)

Below: testing fonts for the sign – we opted for the 4th one in the end.

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